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  • 1 Friendship
  • 2 The importance of friends
  • 3 characteristics of a good friend
  • 4 common traits among friends
    • 4.1 Common backgrounds
    • 4.2 Shared values
    • 4.3 Friendship is free of interest
  • 5 How to keep friends
  • 6 sayings about friendship
  • 7 video on the effect of friendship on health
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the friendship

Friendship is one of the most important relationships in a person’s life, which some deal with on a daily and basic basis. In addition to other important relationships such as the relationship between husbands that can be based on friendship, there are other important friendships such as friendship at work, and the importance of the relationship of friendship there are many verbal quotes that Friendship was the best representation: Albert Camus, the French philosopher, said about friendship: “Don't walk behind me, I may not be the best driver, nor walk as I may not follow your footsteps, but walk by my side and be my friend.” Said Albert Hubbard, the American American writer, the friend who is the one who teaches everything about you. But He loves you though. [1]

The importance of friends

Scientists believe that friends help a person overcome many of the events and problems he faces in his life, so the importance of friends lies in the psychological and life benefits they provide, such as: [2]
  • Provide adequate support and encouragement that a person needs, especially in difficult times and crises.
  • Providing the reinforcement a person needs that increases self-confidence.
  • Stay active by participating in various physical activities, such as sports, club participation, or hobbies together.
  • Positive influence on a person. Having a friend who has positive qualities such as ambition helps others to help the person acquire those qualities, and improving his social skills.

Attributes of a good friend

Recent studies have shown that having a friendship in a person’s life increases the chances of him being happy in life, and friendship is an important part of most people's lives. To know the characteristics of a good friend, it is recommended to read the following: [3]
  • Trust him and not be afraid to make judgments.
  • Not to cause intentional harm, but rather to act with kindness and respect.
  • Rely on him because he is honest.
  • Feeling with his friend in joy and sadness.
  • His friend tells the truth, however difficult.
  • Bring happiness and smile to a friend.
  • Listening to the complaint and attending in difficult times, for sincerity provides advice, clarifies facts, and protects his friend from himself in the difficult times in which he passes, such as protecting him from falling into addiction.
  • Show interest, and keep in touch always.
  • Give room to his friend to change.
  • Accept his friend as he is.
  • Trustworthy and reliable, and he can understand his friend without speaking. [4]

Common traits among friends

Friends bring together a lot of things that make them spend fun and beautiful times together, and these things include: [5]

Common wallpapers

Friends relate to common matters that make the times they spend together more enjoyable. In addition, the friendships that are shared among them are a common history of the most friendships that can last for the longest period possible, as this point is the adhesive that maintains a stronger friendship.

Shared values

People who share similar moral values ​​may develop a friendship relationship, unlike people who do not share this point, but it is not a necessary point for the success of the friendship.

Interest free

This trait is considered one of the attributes based on equality in the relationship of friendship, that is, it means that it does not have an interest that a person can achieve from his friendship with a specific person, and always provides the friend until you offer support and encouragement to his friend without any benefit that he receives.

How to keep friends

Some scholars believe that having friends in our lives is very important, because of the support and assistance they provide during the various stages of life, whether good or bad, which facilitates passing through these stages with them, [6] and despite the fact that the gatherings of friends and family in the beautiful events in our lives such as Weddings and birthdays show their interest and appreciation, except that those who are present in all events, even if they are small, are worthy of preserving them. To know the ways to maintain friends, it is recommended to read the following tips: [7]
  • Although setting alerts to remind important dates for friends such as birthdays and other dates, especially sad ones, are very simple, they have an effective impact on friends.
  • Generate alerts in general to communicate and recall the friend's conversation or spend time with him, because the requirements of life are many and people are busy, which may cause them to forget to communicate with their friends.
  • Show interest in the things they love.
  • Noticing and admiring changes in appearance or behavior, such as a haircut, new sport, or physical signs that show fatigue, or anxiety such as not cleaning the house or fluctuations in weight.
  • Providing support in the problems they encounter even if it is a little difficult, such as traveling or going at night as soon as they become acquainted with the problem and staying for a long period of time even if they have a time shift or an appointment the next morning.

Sayings about friendship

It is said about the relationship of friendship that it is the family that the person chooses for himself, because it has a positive impact on his life, and there are many statements that give friendship the right, such as: [8]
  • Anything is possible in life if the right people are found to be supportive.
  • She shares a smile with everyone because she is a symbol of friendship and peace.
  • A friend is one who ignores your broken fence and enjoys the flowers in it (indicating that a friend is interested in the essence of his friend rather than his outward appearance).
  • Beautiful friendship refreshes the soul.
  • Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud.
  • Diamonds are not the girl's best friend. Rather, friends are diamonds.
  • In a biscuit's life, friends are a biscuit made with chocolate bars (a sign that friends are the best people in our life).
  • There are friends, there is a family, but there are friends who become the family.

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