A story about the mother

One of the mothers had one eye and her son hated her for the embarrassment that caused her, so he saw her disgusting shape, and this mother was working as a cook in the school where her son was studying to support him and help him to complete his studies, the boy was always trying to hide from his companions that That mother cooked for fear of their comments and ashamed of its shape 
One day, the mother went up to her son’s class to ask about him and check on his academic achievement. The boy felt embarrassed and distressed as a result of what his mother did, ignore it and threw it with a look full of hatred and hatred
The next day, one of the students made fun of that boy, telling him: Oh son of one-eyed chef, then the boy was annoyed a lot and wished he could bury himself or bury my mother to get rid of the shame and shame that his shape caused him

The boy confronted his mother after the mockery of his colleague, telling her: When will you die and disappear from my life in order to get rid of the embarrassment I am exposed to because of you? It made me laugh and laugh at my colleagues
The mother kept silent at the time, and the boy left the place without paying any attention to her feelings.
After the boy finished high school, he got a scholarship to complete his studies abroad, he went and studied and married and was happy in his life after he moved away from his mother, who was the only source of distress in his life
After a few years, the mother decided to travel to see her son and her grandchildren, and the mother was surprised a lot by their reaction, as some of her grandchildren mocked her, and others were afraid of her and started crying so the son disturbed his mother and ordered her to leave the place for fear of his children, so she went out Without making any comments, sadness fills her heart
One day, the son was forced to go to the country in which he lived his childhood with his mother N and out of curiosity he decided to visit his old estate, and as soon as he arrived the neighbors told him that his mother had passed away, the son did not shed any tears and that news did not move him in it
The mother’s will was for a neighbor to hand over an envelope if he saw him one day, so that neighbor delivered the envelope to the son at that time, and when he opened it, he found a message in which he wrote

My beloved son, I loved you so much and as long as I liked to live with me and see my grandchildren playing around me in this house that I lived alone in and the unit was killing me
My beloved son is something inside me that I did not tell anyone in my life, and you will be the only one who will know him. So

You donated my eyes
With love
Your mother

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