8 steps to feel good about yourself


  • 1 complacency
  • 2 8 steps to feel good about yourself
    • 2.1 Feeling of grace
    • 2.2 Accepting oneself as it is
    • 2.3 Knowing that satisfying everyone is impossible
    • 2.4 Self-forgiveness and confrontation
    • 2.5 Avoid comparing oneself to others
    • 2.6 Find your strengths
    • 2.7 Knowing how to love others
    • 2.8 Seek help from specialists


Satisfaction with oneself is considered one of the most important situations that people have to reach, because it makes them refrain from everything that does not suit them, and therefore choose the best for them, and everything that suits them, considering that dissatisfaction with the soul and the mere indignation over it does not change anything from reality, but rather affects On the approach to life in a negative way, therefore, one must know the correct steps that increase his feelings of complacency about himself, and try to implement it, to change his reality, and not to stand idly by and complain, so we will introduce you in this article to eight steps to feel satisfied with yourselves.

8 steps to feel good about yourself

Feeling of grace

It is incumbent on a person before he grows up, and classifies himself within the category of the oppressed, to feel the grace that he is in, and to remember that many others wish to reach the state he is and does not like, for good health is a blessing from God that requires thanks and sings a lot of things if available And, as well as providing work for the person, this is a blessing that requires thanks and increases the feeling of complacency.

Accept the self as it is

A person must accept himself as it is, and not feel resentful about anything that he is unhappy with and cannot change as skin color, and transform the body, because self-acceptance is a key to accepting others and not feeling lonely, as it eliminates the idea that a person is with others without Benefit or to no avail, which makes him feel good about himself.

Knowing that satisfying everyone is impossible

Not satisfying all people is considered impossible, as no one is fully accepted by all people, therefore a person must accept people's opinions, and not take negative from them, because that will not change anything, but will increase his frustration, and limit his creativity, so he prefers taking opinions Positive and trying to develop oneself, to increase feeling satisfied.

Forgiving and confronting oneself

The person must face his faults and problems, and not evade them, and search for a peg to comment on his failure, but he must search for useful solutions that end the problem, and change the situation for the better, and it is not enough to regret what happened, but rather try to change because that will increase From self-satisfaction, just as forgiveness of the soul is required for everything that has passed, because forgiving it gives it the power to continue, bearing in mind that flogging and reprimanding the soul does not change anything except that it delays the human being and affects his productivity.

Avoid comparing oneself to others

Comparing oneself with others is considered a reason for complicating oneself and delaying it from others, so a person must search for what distinguishes him from others and try to highlight his differences from them, so that he will feel satisfied with himself because he will feel that he has something that no other has.

Find strengths

It should be borne in mind that every human being has strengths and weaknesses, and that a smart person is one who searches for its strengths and highlights them, believes in them, and does not allow others to doubt them, and at the same time tries to address its weaknesses, knowing that when a person thinks in a positive way, he is He loves himself more and is more satisfied with it.

Knowing how to love others

A person must love himself first, appreciate her, provide her with everything she needs, then help others, care for them, love them, and provide them with assistance, bearing in mind that giving others to oneself feels the person feels that he lacks love, and complacency.

Seek help from specialists

It is advised to seek the help of specialists in the event that the person’s attempt to accept himself and consent to it does not succeed, because they will show the person the right path to support himself, and try to love himself and be satisfied with it.

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