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Imru Al-Qais, prince of the pre-Islamic era poets. Definition of Amru Al-Qais: He is the son of Malak bin Al-Harith bin Amr bin Al-Kindi (who is from Bani Kinda) from the city of Najd in Yemen, born in the year 520_565 CE, he grew up in an environment full of luxury, his father was one of the kings, but he expelled him From home when one of the girls adored _ and he did with her what he did _ and for this reason he ordered his killing and then forbade it and pardoned him on the condition that he does not say poetry, but he did not guide his father’s orders, so he expelled him again, and he remained in this condition and impregnated with alcohol in his youth, until he reached his father’s death at my hands One of the men of Bani Asad said in this saying while he was in Hadhramaut lamenting his father: CLOUDY today, not tomorrow, sugar, wine today, and tomorrow is. "